Sunday, July 29, 2012

our garden

Have I mentioned that I have a community garden plot with D.d.?

I can't remember.

Anyway, we've been enjoying the fruits, or rather vegetables, of our labor. I took pictures so Heather W. could see. But then I don't think I ever posted them (or sent them to her)!

This is a picture of the lettuce.
This was also taken over a month ago. It looks completely different now. The sunflowers are all much taller, the lettuce is much browner (we did enjoy a lot of it before it got too hot), the tomatoes are growing, the red peppers are ripening and the eggplant is eggplanting (I ran out of adjectives).

It's been bountiful. I just have forgotten to go over and check on things (thankfully it is watered for us).

I have a picture of the first tomatoes. I'll get that posted, and I'll try to get back over there this week to check on things.

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