Friday, June 15, 2012

Wednesday at the Children's Museum

On Wednesday Cyndi and I took Skylar, Daffney, Dayton and Spencer to the Indianapolis Children's Museum.(I've blogged about the museum before.) Here's a look at what we did:

We visited the tombs and pieced together a mummy.

We stared at statues...

and danced with them...

and fell in love with them...?

We saw the Hot Wheels exhibit. You could trace a car and create custom designs...

and you could sit in a car!

There is the Lily Theater where you could act out your comedy or tragedy.

After viewing the Cosmos Canopy in the Planetarium, we went to the Museum Library where the Pacers kicked off their summer reading event. It was Spencer's first story time and clearly he was excited.

Then we traveled around the world through Lego's. It is Indy, so of course there was a race car!

We stared at the Chihuly and looked at it like a kaleidoscope.

Then we traveled around the world again, this time through sculpture in a garden outside.

(Things we saw/did but aren't pictured: the dinosaurs, the trains, the water clock and lunch.)

What a great day!

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