Friday, June 15, 2012

the explanation

I know.

What happened?

My laptop has decided to beak down, act up and basically stop working.

I tried Wednesday night to post, but it just kept freezing. I finally forced it to shut down. Then, once it was back up and running, restarted it. That did not help and eventually out of sheer frustration I asked my dad for a pen and some paper.

I wrote a post to post later.

Later is now when I can sit at my desktop.

However, this computer is also acting up. It will not remove the pictures from my camera. That's going to be an issue when I got to write my next post which will include pictures from Wednesday, if I can get them off my camera. 

My tech guru hasn't been able to diagnose my laptop yet. So I don't know what the prognosis is. It doesn't look good. I removed the battery thinking and hoping that would help. When I got home today, I plugged it in and turned it on. 

I checked the mouse, it seemed to be working.

I clicked the internet and it came right up. I signed in and was in the middle of replying to an email when it froze. I could minimize the window, but the computer would not do anything. I wanted to run a scan but couldn't even do that. I did a "ctrl+alt+del" cure. That brought up the window, but the stupid little circle thingy just kept spinning. I forced it to shut down and am leaving it for Mr. Tech Guru.

I decided to come work on my desktop. That was when I started having trouble with the pictures. I'll try again.

So don't worry. I'm going to post for every day that I missed because I wrote down (on paper, using a pen) things to blog.

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