Saturday, June 9, 2012

the last day

Day four: Spirit.

Tony Campolo spoke at our morning session. He is very funny and dynamic.

He made fun of us Methodists. And we laughed. We have a good sense of humor.

I promise it was really good, but let me tell you what I did after that and perhaps you'll understand why I'm not doing a better job describing it.

I came home and wrapped the gifts for the open houses. I started a load of laundry and quick made the bed (it's clean sheet day). We hopped in the 'Vette and headed over to David's open house on the east side of Grand Rapids. We hung out there with Sarah, Hannah, Chandra and Addison. From there we drove to the west side of Grand Rapids to Alison's open house. There we sat with Tyler, Gene and Kim. Alison and her parents (Julie and Mike) joined us. From there we headed to the north to Sean's open house. We sat with just about half of the church congregation. 

I am only slightly ashamed to admit that yes, I did eat at each and every single open house. It's the only way to show our appreciation. 

I mean, they bought the food, you want to help them out. They'll have leftovers. But we just wanted to make sure they didn't have too many leftovers.

Tomorrow Bill and I are splitting the open houses. But I'll blog about that... tomorrow.

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