Monday, June 25, 2012

the birthing pains...

I'm back at it.

Scraping paint.

This time off the exterior windows and trim.

Bill has re-glazed the windows in the dining room (if you forgot, you can read about it here).

They look great! But the paint has been peeling off as it bakes in the heat. And only God knows how long the paint has been on there (and the Almighty ain't tellin'). It's time to freshen up the windows so they last another eighty years.

This means scraping off the paint. 

I've been told by friends and family that a woman forgets how much pain there is during childbirth.

I've never given birth to a child, but I do think there's something to forgetting pain.

I have forgotten how much pain I'm in when I scrape paint.

We will do a house project, like the living room, and when we are done I will make some statement about how I don't want to do anything like that for a long time.

Only a few months will pass and then we decide it's time to start another project... something like the hallway upstairs.

And it's the same old routine.

A few months have passed since I finished scraping (but not yet painted - that will be an indoor project for the winter), so it's time to get those windows spiffed up. We have to paint them quickly so the exposed wood doesn't get exposed to too many elements.

My goal to have the windows scraped and painted is the end of July.

For the one set of windows.

I'll take pictures. I don't know if there's a before... I'll look.

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