Wednesday, June 20, 2012

drivin' on sunshine

Yesterday I did my grocery shopping. I had another appointment later in the morning, so instead of going to the "nice" Meijer I went to the one closest to our house. It used to be affectionately known as "International Meijer" which is probably the nicest name I can use in my blog.

There is nothing wrong with International Meijer, other than it's a smaller store, doesn't always have what I need, and has a parking lot that should be used in driving schools.

I did not have the most pleasant experience at Meijer yesterday. The people who work there are all very nice. Three employees went out of their way to help me. I was able to find everything I needed (with the exception of milk and it's not that I couldn't find the milk, they were out). I even got moved to a new check-out lane which is when my experience started going bad.

The woman behind me didn't even let me start putting my groceries on the conveyer belt before she reached out and grabbed the item-seperat-or (does that thing have a name?). She plunked it down where she wanted it to go, so I started putting my groceries on at her end, instead of toward the cashier. I had a cart-full of groceries. I don't know where she thought my stuff was going to go, but I decided I wasn't going to go any faster.

I think the cashier was on my side. He rang everything up v e r y slowly. I think he even mis-scanned a few things just to get her goat. It worked. She was clearly annoyed. I smiled and thanked the cashier and told him to have a wonderful day.

My ride home was uneventful although it was still full of people who have decided that anytime they're in their car, driving should always be second. But I made it home.

Today, I ran a few more errands. I hit almost every light green. Every time I needed to pull out onto the very busy street, there was no traffic to slow me down. There were a couple of people who pulled out in front of me but each time, instead of staying in my lane or going slow, they sped up and pulled into the other lane. When I hit a red light, I was first in line. 

Dare I say that the Full Moon effect is countered by the First Day of Summer effect? I don't know what's going on, or what karmic event I did to deserve this, but I appreciate it and have been singing praises all day.

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