Thursday, June 7, 2012

Thursday was a busy day

Day Two: Mind

Since General Conference is behind us, there is very little for us to work on in our business portion of the meeting. There's legislation on a few items, but nothing too major. Not like last year.

We had opening worship this morning with $4,050 being taken in offerings to the United Methodist Community House which is located right here in Grand Rapids. It's actually close to our house, to be exact, it's between our house and the church.

We heard from the African University contingent. Our district pledged to raise money to be given toward that project. Then, the West Michigan Conference upped it and in total said we wanted $500,000 in pledges toward the Ubuntu Center. That was last year. To date, we have received that $500,000 in pledges. One of the speakers said that there is an anonymous donor that says if we give that money (not just pledge it, but actually bring it in) that they will match it so the Center can be built. 

It makes me want to go to Africa to see this University. They are graduating 384 (give or take, I saw a lot of number today) students this year (the ceremony is next week, again give or take). 

I led our church contingent to the "ice cream dining hall" and other than finding the coldest corner where we ate, everyone enjoyed it. 

I left Conference and headed to my monthly Quota Board meeting. That was typical and as exciting as usual. I kept everyone in order though as I had all day to practice my Robert's Rules...

I left the Board meeting to head to the "Moving On" Ceremony for the Cool Cats. This is a group of deaf and hard of hearing students we (Quota) have been working with for the last couple of years. They are moving on next year. One of them is going into the local high school where she will start as a freshman. 

It was very emotional. These students have grown up just in the few years I have known them. I wish them the best of luck as they move on to better things. I will still be fortunate enough to see them as they are becoming part of a new Junior Quota club. Check out our blog (linked above) if you want to hear more. 

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