Sunday, June 10, 2012

graduates and Hoosiers

For all of our out-of-state [Indiana] friends, this is for you.

Valparaiso, Indiana is home to the university of the same name. One of our (now former) youth will be attending there this fall. While I am wrong about the city being home to Orville Redenbacher (that title belongs to Brazil, Indiana), he and his partner bought a corn farm near there. Hence my confusion. 

Back to Valparaiso. As I listen to my dear friends of Michigan origin pronounce it, "Valpriso" I can't help but teach them how to say it the right way. Ready? It's Val-pa-raise-o. See that? It has the word "raise" in it, minus the "o". Say it with me, "Val-pa-raise-o". Got it?

I knew you could do it. Now you can remember how to say it! 

I drove to my parents house today. Along the way I passed right by Valparaiso. I'm here for the week to help out Cyndi, while she works, with Spencer. It just so happens that the young boy who was our ring bearer in our wedding had the nerve to grow up. Not only did he graduate from the same high school I did, just last night, but he was also the Salutatorian of his class. Congratulations Zach! We are proud of you.

Bill stayed in Grand Rapids to work. You remember, he's the one with the job. He was the family representative at an open house for Lexie.

I have to go now, it's time for popcorn. 

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