Sunday, June 3, 2012

my cameo

For those of you who are car enthusiasts, no I did not mean Camaro.

Nor did I mean a cameo appearance.

I mean the kind of pendant that hangs around a neck. It's typically a silhouette. They are carved out of shells, coral, or stone.

We visited the Donadio Cameo factory (by the way, if you click the link, choose Inglese) when we were on our Mediterranean cruise. The factory is between Naples and Pompeii. They explained the process of making cameos, and how most of the carving now is done with lasers. They are still carving them by hand at Donadio (or at least that's how I understood it, have you ever taken a tour in another country? Their interpretations into English aren't always correct.)

Bill bought one for me. By comparison, it was small, but I liked it best out of all the choices. It's a blue-ish green. I don't wear it too often and I don't wear my hair in a bun (that's just a reference to being "old-fashioned") when I wear my cameo. Hair-do aside, I don't have too many outfits that it goes with.

Not that it matters.

I'm way off track.

I wore it today. It reminds me of our trip and not wearing it that often brings more meaning.

I'm blogging about this now because I never finished blogging about our cruise. Since I wore it today, I thought I would reminisce and share the story of my cameo. 

*Editor's Note: I've been seeing a lot of photos being posted via Instagram. So I just added it on Bill's phone, took this picture to post and may be addicted...

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