Monday, January 20, 2014

Where everybody knows your name

We have a little grocery store right down the street. It's just under one mile, walking distance. At least eight months out of the year.

The little bodega is a weekly stop, and we usually end up there two or three times.

It's a great place to grab our fresh produce (brought in locally when possible), they have organic meats and everything in between.

It was on my list of places to stop this morning, after I had breakfast.

That's when bad things happened.

Or didn't happen.

I got the coffee maker ready, I poured beans into the coffee grinder, and... nothing. I reset the coffee grinder and tried again. Still nothing.

I tried a third time.


I ate my breakfast, had watered down coffee (that's a longer story that doesn't contribute to this one), and headed out to do my shopping. I headed to Meijer because I needed to stop there anyway.

My choices were very limited when it came to coffee grinders. I chose the KitchenAid, hoping that by paying a little bit more, it will last a little bit longer.

(As a side note: we have gone through at least four coffee makers and three coffee grinders in our thirteen and a half years of marriage.)

I stopped at the neighborhood bodega. I feel like I'm walking into Cheers. They know me and I always get warm, friendly smiles. They will do what they can to help me find what I need.

This morning was no different. I was even given a white chocolate truffle. Yum! That's when I mentioned that the chocolate made up for my coffee grinder breaking. They had a fresh pot of coffee brewed, would I like a cup? Yes, please!

Thank you friendly neighborhood grocery for the coffee, the smiles, the chocolate, and the hospitality.

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