Tuesday, January 28, 2014

the lake house

I'm thankful for our friends Jenny and John. While Bill works at his office in St. Joseph, I get to stay at their lake house. We've done this a couple of times since last fall. It's a lovely retreat for me. They have a dishwasher! It's wonderful. The above photo was taken from their front porch (from inside, it was -8 degrees) this morning.

Today it was actually warmer in Grand Rapids then it was here. But we had sunshine, Grand Rapids did not (according to the news). 

I opened up the curtains to let light in. It was so nice to see the sun. Then when Bill got home from work he told me to bundle up, we were going outside.

We walked over to the lake because it was quite beautiful. Now, I almost brought my camera to the house, but since I had several other bags, a cooler, two grocery bags and my work bag, I decided I didn't need to lug my camera with me.

My phone worked well though. Here are a couple of shots of the lake. We have sat here a couple of times and watched the sun set. Today was not going to be one of those days.
Can you see the piles in the middle of the picture, down at the lake?
Those are piles of snow, drifted into snow dunes.
Here's a picture looking north. The lake is frozen as far as the eye can see. 
This is me. Bundled up. We came right back to the house and warmed up with a chili dinner.

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