Wednesday, January 8, 2014

day two, back in the swing of things

There are so many things to be thankful for.

Are those blessings? My mom asked.

They could be. Or just being thankful for simple things.

Like being able to french braid my own hair. I discovered I could do that this summer when I was tired of running with a ponytail that started out on top of my head but ended up at the nape of my neck. I could always (and was always asked to) french braid other girls hair. Especially in Jr. High when I was team manager for volleyball, basketball and track. My braids stayed in no matter how active the game. I could braid. But I could never braid my own hair. It was just one of those things. I knew how, but couldn't reverse it on myself. I was thrilled when I gave it a try back in August and it looked like a french braid (not a giant knot or bird's nest).

I'm also thankful that my hair is long enough to french braid. That's two things for today.

I'm also looking for a sign like the one above (you can visit the website here). I don't know the blogger, I stumbled across the photo when I searched for "give thanks". It turns out that is a theme saved mostly for Thanksgiving. I would like a sign without pumpkins, leaves and fall colors. I want it to be simple. I have found lots of ideas. I'll let you know if I create any of them.

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