Friday, January 24, 2014

customer service lives on

Today I'm thankful for kind and nice sales representatives who work hard at customer service.

I received gift cards to Victoria's Secret for Christmas and my birthday. I have started buying clothes through them, which fit nicely and are well-made.

I went in a few weeks ago to use said gift cards. I had picked out a few items and was about to check out when I saw swimsuits.

One-piece swimsuits.

Now, even though I have lost over seventy pounds, I know that I will never look good in a bikini. The day you see me wear a bikini, you need to check me in somewhere because it will mean that I'm not healthy. I know that my body shape is just simply not going to ever look good in a bikini.

They had bikinis. And tankinis. But they also had one-pieces. I was elated. I almost walked by it because I honestly had a difficult time trying to weigh the importance of wearing a swimsuit when it's in single digits outside.

Then I had a reality check and decided it would help me get through winter by looking forward to warmer weather.

I tried it on. It fit, but it wasn't quite a flattering style for my figure.

The lady who helped me with the fitting room asked me about it. When I told her the style wasn't quite right, she told me they had more online and that she was excited there were more one-pieces. I decided to check out the one-pieces online.

Lo-and-behold, they had a one piece that I think will better fit my figure.

I bought it online.

Here's where the trouble began. The sizes in the store ran small, medium, large, etc. When I tried on the swimsuit, I was excited because I knew what size I would need to buy when I shopped online.

When I picked out the suit online, the sizes were numbers.

I clicked the size & fit chart and had two sizes to chose from based on the size I tried on in the store. Well, I picked one based on other clothes I have bought.

I chose poorly.

When the suit arrived in the mail yesterday, I was so excited. I was jumping up and down like it was Christmas all over again.

I went to try it on and… nope. This suit was not going to fit. Ugh.

I took it back to the store today and the woman who helped me exchange it was more than nice. She  cared. Or at least did a good job pretending to care. So did the woman who greeted me at the door. She listened as I poured out my heart. Seriously, the suit not fitting was awful. I was so excited to find a suit that fit my style, I could barely stand it. And then it wouldn't fit. I repeat, ugh.

Now I wait for the new size to arrive.

I hope it fits.

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