Monday, January 13, 2014

Remember when we had to go to the Library to look up something…?

Recently I was forced to upgrade my phone. I had already been searching and looking into what other companies had to offer. And then my phone made the decision for me. After almost three years, my phone that didn't even have its GED (get it? It wasn't a smart phone), bit the dust. The screen went kaput.

This, of course, happened during a bad ice storm and I was headed to Detroit. I knew how to call Bill, so I was at least able to let him know. And 9-1-1 could always be reached.

I went with an iPhone. We are a Mac family and I was most familiar with it.

Today, during lunch at the office, we were talking about game shows, hosts and other celebrities. I kept using the app for IMDB (Internet Movie Date Base). Now, with a few taps on the screen, I can answer questions like, how old is Vanna White and what about that game show. You know, the one. With the celebrities. No, not Hollywood Squares. Oh yes, it was Match Game.

While technology doesn't always get along with me; today I am thankful for the people that have put time and research into that simple app.

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