Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Detroit, Motor City

The designs that come out of that city are beautiful.

If you like cars. Or can at least appreciate them.

Since Bill and I met, fifteen years ago (!), we have been to the North American International Auto Show many times. At least half a dozen, which doesn't sound like much until I point out that we didn't live in the midwest for five years (since we've been married). And, actually, Bill has been every year except for those five.

There have been good years and there have been blah years. Cars that didn't impress, manufacturer's displays that were bland, technology that didn't wow or impress. 

But the years that have been good, are really, really good.

This year was a good year. A really, really, really good year.

I appreciate the small details and when it's a good year the displays are superb. Every last detail is thought through. From the floors of the displays, to the backdrops, to the style of the information booths. It's all there and it's all impressive.

This year, we parked on the roof of Cobo. That was a first for me. We got there early enough, and as you can see, it was a good day to park on the roof (this of course was a completely different picture when we left the show three hours later).

No, this is not a concept car. Well, not for the 2015 year. It was back in 1962. It's the Mustang I. Remember your history, remember where you came from. That's forward thinking from Ford (I'm being serious, not sarcastic when I say this).

The badge. How American is that?

This is a 1932 Lincoln KB Deitrich Coupe (part of the collection from the Gilmore Museum in Kalamazoo, a trip that we need to take soon). Another car company remembering their past (yes, they're a part of Ford, so there's probably a reason they are both remembering their history, it's still an important lesson). 
Those white walls are gorgeous!

Again, it's all in the details, like the signage.

It's a show room for each car manufacturer. While Bill drools over the cars, the performance, the size of the engine, liter, etc. I am impressed by the big picture. That all of these small details work together to make up this uber impressive show.

 I realize these signs aren't giving a great perspective. They are on the display walls, and are probably anywhere from two to three feet tall, at least.

And there's always the Corvette. What a machine.
 I appreciate the technology, the artistry, the design, and the love of and for cars that Detroit has maintained.

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