Friday, July 25, 2014

We're walking...

I have a decent sense of direction. (I'm being modest, I actually have a really great sense of direction.) I can find my car immediately in the mall parking lot. If it's less than three turns, I can find my way to anyone's house once I've been there (more than three and I can still figure it out, the only house that ever stumped me was Bill's house where he grew up in Kentwood, I know when we're close, but that's it). I don't get turned around in a museum even one as big as the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC or one that's round like the Guggenheim.

All this to say while we were in Cincinnati, I knew where we were and where everything was. If I didn't know all I had to do was look at a map and I could get us there. I've been there once before; eight years ago when we moved here I drove there to meet up with Shannon and Greg who were there for a Youth Worker's Conference. I walked around with them for an afternoon.

When I went there last week, I knew exactly where we were and where I had been eight years ago.

Last week, anytime we went anywhere, I was in charge of getting us there. I didn't have my umbrella (have you ever taken a walking tour?) so I held up my hand and said, "Follow me, we're walking…" and I would lead the way.

Today, I went for a walk with our friend D.d. who I haven't seen for a year. She is entering her third trimester. She and her husband live about two miles away from us.

We started walking and talking. After awhile, I checked my clock. We had been walking for an hour! Since she and I were close to our house, I offered her some water and a break. Then I walked her back to the halfway-ish point.

I am thankful for all the walking I've been able to do recently.

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