Saturday, July 26, 2014

Broccoli with our dinner

I haven't written about dinner or new dishes we've tried lately.

Lately, we haven't tried new dishes. I haven't written about dinners we've had.

We've eaten dinner, but lately haven't tried anything new.

It's clear as mud now, right?

I told you we had hot dogs Wednesday night. It turns out it was National Hot Dog Day!

Thursday night I had our Quota summer celebration.

Last night we had B.L.T.'s and corn on the cob. You know that is my favorite combo/summertime dish.

Tonight we had brats and… I made cornmeal broccoli cakes.

It was like a pancake, with cornmeal and flour. It had eggs and baking powder in it. It had a little bit of milk. And, it had cooked broccoli. Except Bill grilled it. So it was grilled broccoli. But it was still cooked. Just on the grill.

I'll stop now.

We had these broccoli cakes. The recipe said it makes 4 servings. Apparently a serving was eight cakes. I made them into pretty good size cakes. Seriously, it made almost two dozen cakes.

I know, my math is incorrect.

They were really good. They were different, but tasty.

Oh, we topped them with goat cheese and crumbled bacon, of course! I also chopped up fresh herbs (oregano, parsley, and thyme) and sprinkled those on top for flavor.

I hope we liked them because we'll be eating them for the next few days.

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