Friday, July 18, 2014

Free wi-fi

I am in Cincinnati for our Quota Convention.

Kim and I drove here on Wednesday. It took about six hours with a stop for lunch. That took longer because Kim tried checking her email which decided to act geriatric. (The computer, not Kim.) But we finally made it. Even after driving through parts of Ohio that no one has ever seen. We have to check the setting on her GPS, we think it was set to "scenic".

At any rate, we're staying at the Hilton downtown.

Where they don't have free wi-fi.


It's 2014. The motel down the street has free wi-fi. Panera has free wi-fi.

In case you didn't know, the Hilton hotels are not cheap. So why isn't the wi-fi free? Kim decided to call the front desk because, after all, she is a Hilton Honors member.

She doesn't have the higher tier of membership though.


And then there's parking. Valet parking is as expensive here as it is in Chicago.

Our tour guide yesterday told us Cincinnati is the 26th largest populated city in the U.S. Except I googled it and on the top 50 list I found, Cincinnati did not make it. So how in the world can they charge the same for valet that a hotel in Chicago does? It's outrageous. They think very highly of themselves here at the Hilton in Cincinnati.

I'll end my rant for now and write another blog about the tour we took yesterday.

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