Thursday, July 24, 2014

Pictures of Cincinnati

I will now share with you the pictures that I took on our tour last Thursday.
 Here's the beautiful barn. 
 This is the horse that played Seabiscuit in the movie.
 This is the statue in the middle of the "cemetery".
 And to follow the somber moment, here's Kentucky Hot Brown.
 Dumplin Jean's, where we ate lunch.
Looking back at one side of the town of Midway. 

I took some pictures at the vineyard, but had my ISO set too high so it's sort of washed out. It was a field of grapevines. Google them if you want to see a picture.

I also didn't take any pictures of the hotel. The one night I walked around with Brenda, I didn't have my camera with me. It was after we had gotten ice cream. Here's the link to the hotel, you can at least read the history and see a few pictures. It was amazing!

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