Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Wednesday with Skylar

Our day was a little quieter.

After a lazy morning, Skylar and I met friend's of mine (and Bill's) at Meijer Gardens. The family Robinson (yup, that's their name) are vacationing in South Haven (they live down in Indy). That's an annual tradition for Chris and Leslie but this year they brought the whole family. When they've gone to South Haven in the past, they have also made the shorter drive to GR to visit us.

We had a fun time at the gardens. I have a couple of pictures. I didn't have the chance to get them on my computer because once Skylar and I came home we went out to dinner with Uncle Bill before he leaves early tomorrow morning for his work camp trip.

Then we watched Ghostbusters.

Skylar and I are going to see Uncle Bill and the Sr. High youth off in the morning, so it's off to bed.

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