Sunday, August 12, 2012

You can call me...

Today is my first official day on the job.

Yes. I have a new job.

I am the Junior High Youth Director at our church.

I'm either crazy or... I don't have an "or". I'm just crazy.

I had no idea that five years ago when I volunteered to help Heather O. with Sunday School and then youth group that it would lead to this.

I have been looking for a job since March. During that time I was in a Bible study class where we looked at our Spiritual Gifts. I've already taken a S.G. class (and led it, twice) but this was different. I started to hear God's call which I had ignored twice before.

Ever hear the phrase, "Third time's a charm"? Yeah. Me too.

As a Christian I have always believed that God will take care of me. As I've matured, I've also believed that He will show me the way [in life].

You can't hide from God.

Really. You can't.

He'll find you.

I look back now and see the seeds that He planted. From when Heather O. left for her new full-time youth ministry gig and asked if I was willing to step in (my answer was a resounding NO!), to after Kahana left and I was once again asked if I was considering this (again, a firm No), to this summer when Chandra made the difficult decision to step down so that she can focus more on her family and job (which should be her priority and I applaud her efforts as she tried to juggle all of it this last year). My answer was more like a, well no.

And then I weighed my options.

And I looked back at the five years I've been volunteering.

And so I put my resume together.

Oh! I have a LOT of experience.

It really came down to a push from Bill. He said something like, "Are you gonna apply or what?"

I did. I had my interview. I received a call shortly after that from Laure offering me the job.

It's not a typical job. I'm not a "typical job" kind of worker. It's a part-part time job. As in ten hours a week (well, I'll get paid for ten, I will try very hard not to go over that by too much... anyone who has ever worked in ministry is laughing on the floor right now, they know the truth).

But I can still do all my volunteering.

I can still scrape and paint the windows.

I can still get my daily walks and other exercise.

I can still get dinner on the table by 6pm every night because Bill and I are practicing for when we're 85!

So that's my new "job" and it officially starts today. Wish me luck (and pray)!

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