Tuesday, August 21, 2012

when it rains...

... it pours.

Would anyone else like to offer me a job?

No wait. Don't answer that. I shouldn't speak too soon because I have an interview on Friday.

However, the current count is three.

Three part part-time jobs.

I am the new Jr. High Youth Director, in charge of all things related to the Junior High in our church.

I will be the Wedding Coordinator at our church come 2013. I am training right now and have a pretty good handle on all things wedding in our church.

Today, I was asked to be an Administrative Assistant to our Associate Pastor. I think that's the job title. It all happened so fast, I'm not really sure.

I could have said "yes" to being her chair tester. Or Editor. Or something random like that.

Between the three jobs I'll be working somewhere around fifteen hours a week.

That is total.

For all three.

Hence the job interview on Friday.

I won't say anymore because I don't want to jinx it.

For all of you whom I have mentioned this interview; I was completely wrong on the job. It is not the Assistant for Funds Development.

That's all I'll say. I'll let you know more on Friday, after the interview.

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