Sunday, August 26, 2012

time to cruise...

... in the 'Vette.

Bill got it running again a week ago. Just in time for the 28th Street Metro Cruise. We took a couple of passes on Saturday. It was hot and since the car runs hot, it was really hot. But it was fun. There were a lot more people in Wyoming and very few people toward the Woodland mall.

As we drove slowly, through traffic filled with classic and new cars, we heard the weather report. "Sunny, warm" etc, and "Today is an Ozone Action Day"; that caused us both to bust out laughing.

Really? Perhaps we'll just call that a wash. There were not enough people staying at home to make up the difference for all the pollution those classic cars added yesterday.

For all that I'm a "green", recycling freak, tree-hugger, I turn my other cheek when it comes to classic cars.

It's fun.

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