Saturday, August 18, 2012

the sheets on the bed

It was clean sheet day before we left. And we have a house guest while we're gone, so I had to change the sheets on the guest bed too.

The sheets I used for that bed are so soft. I love using them.

They are not new. In fact, they are older than me. There is a picture of my sister, in bed. In this picture the bed has these sheets on it. This picture was either taken before I was born, or right after I arrived.

They don't make sheets like that anymore.

There is another set of sheets for the guest bed that are new. Much newer. We bought them when we got the bed, so the sheets are no more than eight years old. (Hey, that's newer than the other set of sheets!) The elastic on the "new" sheets is shot. It has been for about six years.

I think it's interesting that the elastic on the set that is thirty-some years old is not shot. In fact, the elastic feels like new. Like it could go on forever.

I will state (for the blog record) that both sets have been used. Somewhat equally. The older set has a few years on the newer set. Neither has been stored away. In fact I had used the newer set more frequently because I liked the pattern and color. Then the elastic dried up (or does whatever it does) and I started using the "old" set more frequently.

Because the old set of sheets were made to last.

If anyone finds sheets like that, please let me know!

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