Thursday, November 15, 2012

Surprising Don

I didn't blog yesterday because Bill and I spent part of the day on an airplane. We flew to Las Vegas to surprise Don (Bill's dad) for his birthday which is actually December 2nd. But that gets into the holidays and Peggy won't be able to get off from work so this worked out better. Plus he was totally surprised.

We were waiting for him at a restaurant with Ann & Vern (friends of theirs who live nearby). Don and Judy were coming to meet them to celebrate Ann & Vern's anniversary.

This was all prearranged. Ann & Vern's anniversary is in February. Don didn't know that.

He walked into the restaurant and looked all around. He looked everywhere except at us. We were sitting at a table right in the middle of the room with a huge balloon bouquet.

Don was so focused on looking for Ann & Vern that he looked right past us. By the time he was about three or four feet away he finally noticed us. Then he realized it was us.

It was fantastic!

I didn't have my camera (I don't think I could have captured the moment anyway, I was partially behind a fake tree) so no pictures.

We pulled off the surprise. Whew!

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