Wednesday, November 28, 2012

for the love of money

I remember when I was in college and the Power Ball reached 96 million.

I declared that if I won and took the payout, which in 1990-whatever would have been let's say 50 million for easy math (and because oddly enough you can't google "what is the payout after taxes of 96 million in the year 1990-something?"), I would give ten million to my parents, ten million to my sister and a million to each of my friends, I would still be left with over twenty million dollars.

And I probably would have discovered I had a lot more friends than I thought.

And now, today, the Power Ball is five hundred million.

Bill bought tickets.

I told him we better at least win the $50 that those cost.

You can't win if you don't play.

Your odds of winning are one in 125 million.

I think those are pretty good odds, considering.

No, I really do.

Although you are more likely to get bit by a shark while swimming in a pool, according to Ellen.

And you have better odds of getting hit by lightning.

I'm going to wait for the Power Ball numbers outside. Let's see which one has better odds now!

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