Saturday, November 24, 2012

getting things done on a long holiday weekend

Today was a busy day.

We walked over to our friends' house to take care of their kitty while they visit family.

We stopped at the Library to pick up a couple of books I've had on hold. Bill found a book too so when we have time to read, we're set.

We ran a couple of errands.

When we got back home I began painting the wall around the sliding glass door. You remember, the door we had replaced back over the 4th of July week? Yeah, it's taken us this long to get around to painting it.

I primed it a few weeks ago; one of the last nice, warm fall days. Yesterday I primed the second coat and Bill checked to see if we had the wall color in the basement.

We did not.

One of the errands today was to purchase color-matched paint. Fortunately we only need a quart. The wall has one coat and I went around and touched up parts of the other walls while I was at it.

I also got a coat of the trim painted. We're using a white that we had in the basement. I discovered it was actually used in the bathroom upstairs. I'm not sure we have the paint that was used on the trim in the kitchen. If it is the same trim color, it's badly discolored and in need of a fresh coat.

But since it was late in the day, I decided I'll tackle the rest of the trim tomorrow. Instead I cleaned the bathroom.

Bill filled in an old telephone jack that was in an odd location in the kitchen. Then he ran the vacuum downstairs and I ran it upstairs.

Now it's time to relax. Dinner is over, dishes are washed and the laundry is finished.

Long holiday weekends = getting things done around the house.

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