Friday, November 9, 2012

little by little

Stamping is a dangerous hobby.

Not in the way that gets one hurt. No, in the way that it could be addicting. Although there is the risk of  a paper cut. I'm probably one of the few people who could get hurt while stamping.

Here's a sneak peak at what I worked on the other night. I was invited to a stamping party. We made nine Christmas cards and one Thanksgiving card. (I went to a party back in August and blogged about it here.)

I don't want to show you the Christmas cards because I don't know who the lucky recipients will be and I wouldn't want to ruin the surprise.

I will say this, they are fantastic! I took pictures so, if I remember, after Christmas I'll post about them.

In the meantime I have decided that stamping is what one can do when they get tired of scrapbooking. I have made a lot of scrapbooks and I am running out of steam. It is really difficult to determine how many pages you'll use when you're scrapping about someone's life (Skylar). Her scrapbook ends when she turned eleven. I've not started one for Spencer because any picture we have of him is on this contraption (the computer/internet). The scrapbook for Bill and I also got too full before I could find a good stopping point. Right now it ends in 2009 and we've done a lot since then. I did manage to scrap our cruise all in one book (but the trip was only fourteen days, it was much easier to pick photos to use). I have one for the cats. I also have one for Halloween. Both of those will just randomly end when I run out of pages.

Stamping let's you be creative in the same way scrapbooking does. You're just not doing a page where you will add photos. You're doing a card. In some ways it's easier. You can make all the same card, or you can make every one different.

I have a lot of scrapbook ideas and stuff that I can use to make cards. I just need a few stamps and some ink pads...

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