Thursday, January 31, 2013

falling down

This week was not meant to be normal.

There's the weather. All the snow melted and we reached upwards of fifty degrees. Now it has returned in full force. It's hard to say, but I think we have a fresh six inches of snow that has fallen today.

Tuesday morning, I was awakened by thunder and lightning. But it wasn't a thunder snow (as Bill and probably others call it). It was just the rain that washed away the snow.

It caused a power outage at the church. Which I didn't know about until after the fact. After the emails had been sent saying the church was closed. After the emails had been sent saying the power was back on and after the emails were sent saying there was no internet.

How do you work in today's world without internet?

Well, you either go to a coffee shop (or stay home) and work from there, or you use your cell phone (because the land lines were also down) and do what you can on your computer that doesn't require internet.

It is not easy.

I had to use a phone book to look up a phone number.

Most of the staff chose to work at home or at a coffee shop. I stayed because there were things I needed to print and thankfully we were still able to do that.

That meant that yesterday, Wednesday or blog day, was spent finishing up work that I wasn't able to get done on Tuesday.

That didn't really happen and I ended up finishing a few things today.

Since I fell behind on my weekly blogging, I thought I'd try to share a little today. Yet, there's still more to share.

And wouldn't you know, there are pictures on my camera that I also want to share. Maybe tomorrow...

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