Saturday, January 12, 2013

the second pair

I remember seeing a pair of shoes (they were actually flip flops), back when I was in high school, that I really liked. I did not buy them. A few days (maybe a week or two) later, I realized I really wanted this pair of flip flops so I went back to the store to purchase them.

They were no longer there.

This was before there was internet and online shopping.

That was the first pair of shoes that got away.

The second pair was more recently.

When Bill and I were visiting his parents in Vegas, the girls went to the mall. It was the outlet mall. We started at one end and worked our way to the other. I was looking for jeans and found them for a good price.

One of the last stores we went to was Ann Taylor. I found a top on clearance plus 50% off. It was a great deal.

Peggy (Bill's sister) was scouring the shoes. She tried on a couple of pairs before settling on a pair of super cute, knee-high boots. They were half off the original price and were $90. Then it was half off that price. For $45 she couldn't turn them down.

I should have paid closer attention to the shoes.

Only as she was boxing them back up did I realize how cute they were. And for that price, a fantastic deal.

But I didn't need boots.

Now that I'm back home, far from the last pair of boots, far from the amazing price; I am really wishing I had spotted them and bought them.

So with the invention of the internet, I have been looking for that pair. They don't exist. And anything close to them are three times as much money. On sale.

What made these boots so irresistible?

For one thing, I am a woman and I love shoes.

The second and really only other reason is the style. They have a zipper all the way up and they fit through the ankles.

I have two pair of boots that I wear that would be replaced by these (if I could ever find them). My one pair is old and worn. Both souls are cracked and the insides are well past worn. But I continue to wear them because I haven't replaced them and like them so much.

The other pair of boots were purchased for my Halloween costume last year. They are cute and didn't cost a lot of money, but they do not have any support in the ankle. They do not zip at all. They were made as one-size-fits-all cankles. My apologies to any of you with cankles. These boots are cute right until you get to the bulky ankle bulge.

I have now entered a search for a pair of boots similar to the ones that Peggy bought. Unless Peggy decides she doesn't want them anymore, in which case, please send them to me!

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