Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Blog days on Wednesdays

I knew this would happen. I have been remiss in writing posts at any kind of regular intervals.

I have thought of several things to write, but just never wrote them.

I declare that I will make Wednesdays Blog days.

And it won't just be for writing here on my blog. It will also be to keep up with the blogs I follow, which I have also been forgetting to do.

First, it has snowed in West Michigan. We are in a vicious cycle of lake effect snow. I shoveled four times in the last two days.

Of course this doesn't bother me. As I told my neighbor, it's my exercise. I am more than happy to go out and shovel. There are just a few things worth noting.

I did all that shoveling and was not sore.
At least not until this morning when I realized I slept wrong. The good news is I'm not sore from shoveling. The bad news is I can't turn my neck.

I need long underwear.
The temperature has dipped into the single digits which means with the wind chill it's in the negative numbers. My legs are not warm enough when I'm out shoveling. To compensate, I tried pulling my leg warmers up as high as I could. Surprisingly, they reach mid-thigh! But I don't want to stretch them out, so I'm going to have to find a warmer alternative. Long underwear seems to be a good solution.

Sub-zero temperatures means our pipes freeze.
Sure enough, last night when Bill got home, he went into the powder room to wash his hands only to find that when he turned the faucets on, nothing came out. We are trying to heat the house to thaw the pipes. But since the pipes are in the basement and heat rises, this has been to no avail. In fact, it doesn't even feel like seventy degrees in here.

That had nothing to do with shoveling snow.

Neither does this; I finally made French Onion soup.

Where have you been all my life?

I enjoy cooked onions (it's raw onions that upset my tummy). And I'm very much on a soup kick right now.

If you are like me and have never tried French Onion soup, but like onions, give this a try! Here's the recipe I used. It's in her new cookbook, the one Chandra, Jason and Addison gave me for my birthday.

I used three medium onions and kept the rest of the amounts the same. Oops, except the beef broth. I used what I had left which was three cups. I don't think it ruined the soup.

It is slightly time consuming, but definitely worth the wait. And Gruyere is definitely worth it. Unless you cut your finger using the cheese slicer.

Okay, the Gruyere is still worth it.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have other blogs to go read.

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