Thursday, January 17, 2013

Chew on this

I have an additional goal for the year. This is not meant to be gross, but I'm warning you in case you find things like this gross.

I am trying to chew my food more thoroughly.

After my food poisoning incident, or rather during, I realized how quickly I eat. I eat too quickly because I have poor chewing habits.

It's probably healthier to chew your food rather than chomp twice and swallow.

So I'm working on that. It is not easy. Mostly, when I'm home by myself, I remember to chew. When I'm out with friends, or eating dinner with Bill, I get side tracked and don't pay as close attention as I need to.

Hopefully this will become natural over time.

There's one more thing I wanted to share today.

I just wiped off the tops of my cabinet doors.


There was enough grease and dust that I was literally scraping it off.

Perhaps I need to clean up there more often.

I wipe off the drawers quite often. Every time I bake; just because flour and sugar and various other ingredients fall onto the tops of the drawers. But not the tops of the cabinets. You have to stand on a chair to reach up there.

This is another reason why flush cabinet doors are a good idea and are on my dream kitchen list.

At least they are clean again for another six years!

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