Monday, January 14, 2013

our chicken paprikash

I don't know where I found the recipe. When I went to cook dinner tonight, I had to look it up on Food Network. Here's the recipe that I used from their website.

It was really yummy. And very easy. I recommend it if you've never tried it before.

I decided to look it up and find the origins. It's traditionally Hungarian.

I searched for other recipes and found this one.

If you combine the two recipes, that is what we actually ate.

I used egg noodles, no green pepper (I used pepper flakes to give it some flavor), if I had any pepper I would have used a red -it's what we prefer, I diced my onions (next time I'll try the slices), and yes. It was so good we may have drank the sauce.

And sopped it up with bread.

Next time I'll try making it with tomato. I think it needed just a touch.

I was going to make French onion soup but that takes too long. We will be having that soup soon, so stay tuned for that post...

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