Monday, September 15, 2014

too far

The cat has gone too far.

Can cats read?

I didn't think so. But I'm beginning to think Atticus can. Or maybe he can't and that's why this has happened.

He likes to kill animals. Birds in particular. I've mentioned that.

This time, it was a goldfinch.

Hence the reading, I think he's trying to be like his namesake except that the cat has got it wrong.

The character is Atticus Finch. That's it. Nothing more. The title is To Kill A Mockingbird. Atticus the cat must be confused.

He killed the finch. Then he ate the finch.

I've never seen him eat a bird before.

I got very angry with the cat and banged on the sliding door. I guess that annoyed him, because he left. And he took his dinner with him.

He may not realize it, but that was his dinner.

I get it. It's the circle of life. I just wish the cat didn't enjoy his circle of life, on our back deck, with the pretty birds.

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