Wednesday, September 3, 2014

the other ice bucket challenge...

The video is not yet available.

But they did it. Oh my did they.

You'll remember my ice bucket challenge… it went out to Sami and five young adults.

Something you should know about Sami. She's clever and creative. She wasn't just going to dump ice on herself and five others. Oh no. She put thought into it.

She's a mom.

She's the Sr. High Youth Director.

She's the Young Adult Leader.

She has learned to be F.A.T. for Jesus (Flexible, Available and Teachable).

She loves Pinterest.

She decided to use her children's slip and slide.

Except it's not just your normal slip and slide. It's a racer slip and slide.

Two people go at once and end in a small pool.

The pool was filled with ice.

It was spectacular. And it was not easy to film it without shaking from laughing so hard. But I think I did okay. We shall see. When she gets it edited and posted, I hope I can share it. (She has to edit it because after she did her talking, I stopped recording to make sure I was actually recording because her camera doesn't have a flashing light or any indicator to show that it is actually recording. I didn't want them all to slide into ice only to find out I didn't record any of it. I was recording, so we had the second shooting of them sliding. Now she has to edit the two separate pieces into one.)

I think seven of the young adults ended up doing it (I was too busy recording, I didn't count). I should probably make another donation to Well House for that. It was totally worth it.

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