Monday, September 29, 2014

Name That House!

I do have pictures from yesterday's adventure. Lots and lots of pictures.

Unfortunately, what I didn't have was time to put them all on my computer and then onto my blog. Don't worry, I won't put all of them on here. I'll pick out the best of the best. Hopefully. Then I'll post those.

Instead, what I want to write about tonight is naming our house.

Every house has a name. The British are well-versed in naming their country homes.

No, we're not British, but it's a cool idea. It's a fun way to invite people over. It was just in a magazine that you should name your house.

In New Jersey our house was called "Dewey", named after the street. We only lived in that house for three years. We've lived here for eight years and have yet to name this house.

In fact, when we were house-hunting here in GR, we looked at and put an offer in on a house on Linden. We have since referred to that house as the "Linden" house. We named a house we don't even live in!

If you haven't seen our house, here's the last photo I took:

Not that I want to remember all of that snow… it was a lot (I do love it), it just so happens to be a decent picture of the house.

Other facts to help pick a name: we live on College Ave. Our last name starts with "U". The house is half red, half beige/tan. I'm not a fan of the spanish "rojo"because that's what we use to describe our fifteen-passenger church van ("Rojo Grande").

As you can see we have no trees in the front yard. We do have a lamppost that is frequently home to wasps.

I've tossed around College U. Not clever or catchy enough.

We have that crazy steeped-pitch roof.

Big House…

Not descriptive enough.

I don't know why this is so difficult. It should be easy, shouldn't it?

This Old House?

Hm, catchy… but it's taken.

Anybody got any ideas?

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