Wednesday, February 6, 2013

the sky is falling

I am sitting here in the dining room. Every so often there is a loud noise and more snow slides off the roof, crashing to the ground right outside the dining room windows.

Earlier today, I walked down to the end of our street to take these pictures. As I walked back, I noted that there was not a lot of snow left on the south side of the house (the dining room side).

How this much snow continues to melt and slide off the roof is a mystery to me.

I wanted to post these pictures because it is a gorgeous, sunny day. The blue sky is a welcome sign. The sun gives warmth even in the cold temperatures. The snow is still clinging to the trees. And because, as I was on my way home from Meijer, I saw this tree. It is Heather W's favorite tree (it is a Northern Oak) and she is the one who first pointed it out to me.

It's got great branches. I like the contrast of the snow and the blue sky.

This picture is the snow on our deck railing. I like how it's slowly melting and "falling" off the edge.

(Editor's note: this particular snow has now melted, which is why I went out earlier to take the pictures. Frosty's life is numbered by hours, not days.)

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