Thursday, November 7, 2013

The hallway light fixture

Remember I was working on the upstairs hall over the summer? Well, Bill and I finished it (almost, why is it always the details that get dragged out?) and as I was finishing the last coat over the last bit of wall over the door to the office, this happened.
I was climbing the step ladder and as I stood upright, the back of my head banged into the the glass globe. Bill had just gone downstairs into the kitchen to get lunch. It sounded worse than it was. He came rushing back upstairs, expecting to see blood-bath. Instead, he found me, still on the ladder, painting. He told me to get down. I refused. I only had one small patch and I just wanted to be finished. Bill exclaimed, "there's broken glass everywhere that needs to be cleaned up, you can finish painting then!" I kept painting. A few seconds later I declared, "Finished!" Then we cleaned up the broken glass.
 And took pictures.
The unfortunate part about the light fixture is that we bought it on clearance from Home Depot. It was exactly what we wanted in the hallway. Now the globe is broken and we cannot find a replacement that looks even remotely similar. 

Back to the hallway. What needs to get finished? Well, finding a new globe of course, and as you go up the stairs there's an access panel that leads to the back of the bathroom shower fixtures, we are making that a chalkboard. It needs to be sanded and the trim needs to be finished. Then there's the ceiling. We spent a day, cranking our necks, painting it. Then we moved in Greg and his stuff. His box-spring had to be gently coerced up the stairs, it left a few marks on the freshly painted ceiling. Then, there's also the linen closet door and trim. There are three drawers under the door (it's tucked under the stairs to the attic, sorry I do not have a picture of it) and they all need to be stripped. They will be repainted and new hardware will be attached. We haven't moved forward because we haven't bought the hardware yet. And it's job security. I know what I'm doing next summer!

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