Friday, November 22, 2013

Bad apples

As many of you know or experienced on Sunday a terrible storm tore threw the country. Bill and I were headed home from visiting my parents in central Indiana. We had taken Molly Mo with us and took a side trip to Butler University to visit Lindsay (both former FUMC youth, now young adults in college).

Here are pictures!
 Molly, Lindsay and Bill
 Emily, Molly and Lindsay
 Bill belongs here...
 A picture is worth a thousand words...
 Seriously, Bill was meant to be at Butler.
Indiana State Capitol building
(It may be on my bucket list to visit every state capitol building… I'm weird.)

We made it home well before the storm hit.

We had just eaten supper (pizza, of course, since youth group had been cancelled), and that was when the power went out.

We were without power from 7:30pm Sunday night until Monday around 2:30pm. I am not complaining because some of our friends didn't get power restored until Thursday! It was odd though, just south of us, on our street, they had power. And the streets to the east and west both had power.

My first thought when I woke up Monday morning was, "No power, no coffee". So I dragged myself out of bed, dressed and went to the closest coffee shop.

Okay, I went to McDonald's. I'm sorry Doug (he's our friend that owns a coffee shop downtown, we frequent his establishment often). But I also had to stop and get ice, because by the morning our fridge wasn't very cold.

I figured everything in the fridge made it. Nothing smelled bad. Everything was relatively cold, the ice didn't melt, so things were all okay.

Until I had an apple. They were fresh when I bought them. I had eaten one Monday for lunch. But by Tuesday they were no longer good.

Despite my efforts with the bags of ice, the apples did not survive the power outage. Now I have several apples that I have to throw out. (I'm blogging about this today because I thought maybe the other apple was a fluke, so I'm eating another one just to be sure. Unfortunately, I am sure that they are bad.)

I don't like wasting food. And of course these are Honeycrisp apples which are more costly than your average Red Delicious.

I have to get over it though, because I'm not eating anymore. I guess I can look at it in a different way, I'm adding to the compost. By next spring, I'll have pretty flower. Thanks to the bad apples.

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