Wednesday, May 1, 2013

I finally did it...

 ... I really did. I took the pictures off the camera, loaded them on my computer and have actually posted them on my blog! Try not to fall off your chair.

Here is the before:
well, I had already removed the border, this is the closet and the front window
here's the doorway into the hall (minus the door, it's still in progress)
 here's the interior wall (the bedroom door is behind you)
 same view with the left portion of the wall sanded
 this is where my desk used to sit
the door to the hall is to the left... this is showing the plaster pulling away in the corner
and here's an example of how Bill filled the corners
the above photo and the previous show the walls primed, ready for paint
and here it is with paint

we are both very happy with it
we moved the desk to the opposite wall to allow for more electronic outlet space
the bed has moved from it's original location when we first moved in almost seven years ago
I can access the closet again, which still houses my scrapbook stuff
here's the desk from the opposite side of the room...
and here's where all the furniture was "stored" during this process
here's from the other side of the room, as much as I could fit in the frame anyway
Did you know we own a lot of books?
and there's this pile, don't forget this pile

There you have it. What we did for the month of March and half of April; between working, the stomach flu and whatever else happened.

If you would like to come see it in person, let us know! We're ready for visitors. Just remember to call ahead to make your reservation.

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