Saturday, May 11, 2013

spring catch-up

I am just now catching up on the blogs I like to read.

Bill and I are getting a lot done around the house these days.

Well, I'm not today. I'm not home. I'm at church playing Wedding Coordinator (I'm not really playing, it's my job).

I have been working on the hallway. I have as much paint removed as I can reach. Tomorrow, I will create some sort of ladder/scaffolding across the landing so that I can reach up near the ceiling.

Once that's finished, we'll move on to priming, then painting the hall.

Bill has been finishing the doors. He has one left, the door to his office. He may have it ready to hang tomorrow.

All of the outdoor furniture is out and ready to be used. And it has been used as nice as it's been here.

Today isn't very nice though. It's cold (maybe it's in the 50's) and rainy. Here's a picture from a few weeks ago to help cheer you up. It's our Sand Cherry tree in bloom.

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