Wednesday, March 11, 2015


Wisdom follows knowledge.

Many people in my life have said that as they grow older, they have gotten wiser. I believed them when I was younger, and I believe them now.

I don't claim to know everything (read my post from yesterday, I'm still learning) but I do know that I am wise. I am wiser now than I was ten years ago, and wiser still than I was twenty years ago.

To be wise doesn't necessarily mean to be smart. Being wise means making good choices. It means doing the right thing. It means helping others.

I think the ultimate goal of being wise is to achieve the greatest commandment, to love; love God and love thy neighbor. The wisdom comes with knowing who my neighbor is and remembering that my neighbor is everyone I come in contact with.

That is a tall order. That is what it means to be wise.

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