Wednesday, October 23, 2013

the iron blanket

I acquired a lovely duvet with two pillow shams from my former boss. An odd gift, but wait, it wasn't a gift. She was having a yard sale before they moved out of their house and this set was in it. It's a beautiful shade of ice blue with a diamond quilting sewn into it. I negotiated a price and stuffed it into my suitcase and brought it home.

It's thicker than any quilt, down comforter, or blanket. It's perfect for cold, Michigan winters.

Last time it was clean sheet day and flip the mattress day (double bonus!) AND switch summer sheets for winter sheets.

What? Doesn't everyone have summer sheets that they change out for winter sheets?

When I switch summer sheets for winter, I also switch duvets. This is to (hopefully) lengthen their life span. Between three cats (the roomie brought his orange ball of fur), all those claws and hairballs, the duvets get a lot of washing.

I used the ice blue one this time.

We were laying in bed the other night and Bill commented on how the duvet is heavy.

It's heavy like the lead apron they use at the dentist when you're getting x-rays.

It's as if a mattress were on top of you.

It feels like a small village camped out there.

He kept going (I don't remember anymore, I'm sure he could come up with a few new ones). He had me laughing. Mostly because the dentist reference is the most accurate.

A few years ago I went as far as removing the down comforter and just used the duvet. It kept us warm all on its own.

Winter is coming, there's snow in the forecast... Do you know what that means?

Check back, I'll tell you.

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