Saturday, October 19, 2013

a list of one thousand

I'm currently reading a book, "One Thousand Gifts" by Ann Voskamp. It is deeply spiritual and intense. But it's also inspiring. So inspiring that I bought each of the ladies in the book club their own journal (me included) so we can make our own lists. A list of one thousand things that we're thankful for.

Remember when I blogged every day for two years? I think it's going to be like that.

Before I started reading the book, Bill and I had started making intentional date-nights. A little background, our friend has moved in with us. Bill and I have always continued dating, but with this change in our normal lives, we made it more intentional. And then the stars aligned and parties, weddings and movies all gave us more reason to have date-night.

That's one of the gifts. Awe, so sappy.

We could have had date-night last night, if Bill would have gone to Temple with me.

Yes, Temple. It's part of Confirmation, we'll take several field trips to other houses of worship (and a funeral home); we took the Jr. High youth to Temple last night. It was a wonderful service. The kids (from the synagogue) took part in the service. It was about an hour long. But for some reason, Bill didn't want to come along.

So date-night is tonight.

Unfortunately, I'm suffering from fall allergies and while I can still smell, I don't want to go sit in a restaurant and not fully enjoy it.

Instead, we're having date-night at home. The menu? Good ol' macaroni and cheese and a smoked sausage. Possibly a wedge salad for, you know, greens.

Here's to being thankful.

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