Friday, June 21, 2013

playing around

I just finished reading a book (okay, it was actually a self-help book, but my book club chose it, so I read it) and in the end the author encourages the reader to remember to play. Since it was a self-help book, I reflected on what I do to play like a kid.

Other than youth group during the school year, I thought of a couple instances where I "play".

At least once every winter, I have thrown myself into the snow to make a snow angel. One year, someone walked through our yard to make a heart out of footprints next to my angel. I cherish that memory.

If I'm running and I come across a hopscotch game, I hop through it.

Last week, as I was running, I passed a father and son. The dad was probably my age or a little older. The son was around eight or nine. I said hi and smiled because that's what I do. The son held out his hand for a high five.

Of course I high-fived him.

It made my day.

How do you play?

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