Thursday, July 4, 2013

Our independence

Happy 237th birthday to America.

As I sit here, in my dining room, listening to what seems like the entire neighborhood shooting off fireworks, scaring every living creature to hiding behind entertainment centers, curtains or whatever else they think will keep them safe (yes, I am talking about the same cat who caught a blue jay), enjoying the fact the the Tigers beat the Blue Jays, and having been slightly annoyed for the last year of the new law that Michigan now allows the average joe to purchase all kinds of fireworks; that is when it hit me.

This is independence.

This is what our rights and freedom mean.

We should be allowed to purchase and shoot off fireworks that I have only ever seen before in a professional show.

And we can shoot them off in our own backyard if we want.

I may not enjoy the fact that everyone in my neighborhood seems to have to turned into a ten year old boy who loves to play with matches, or that this can go on for another hour and a half, or that it can happen before, on and after any major holiday.

But it's freedom.

And I am happy that I can enjoy that.

God Bless America.

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