Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A 5k

You may have learned by now that I consider myself a runner. At first my goal was to run a mile without stopping because I could never really do that in high school. That was six years ago. I kept running (Skylar says my "running" is how fast she walks to class... oh well, I'm old) and now I can run a 5k.

Or so I thought.

My pedometer seems to be a bit off. Bill measured our route with his phone GPS app one time and had a few tenths of a mile more than my pedometer. I measured it on mapmyrun.com and came up with a number closer to Bill's GPS. I added on what I thought was a few extra tenths and figured I was pretty close to 3.2 miles.

Last week, I finally remembered to drive the route to see how far it would measure on my car. Surely cars odometers are more accurate than these other tools which didn't agree with each other.

Total; it came to 2.6 miles.

That is not a full 5k. And if I go to the end of the street and back (which I had been doing thinking that was actually putting me over 3.2 miles) it's only another two tenths.

I was disappointed.

Bill tried to point out that I was still running 2.5 miles every day.

I wasn't listening.

It's not a 5k.

So I changed my route, redid it on mapmyrun.com and the next day ran a 5k.

Whew. I can run it.

It's a good thing I don't have to do math in my job.

All this to say, I'm finally going to run a 5k with Heather O. (And now she has to do it because I put it on here and everything on the internet is true.) We are looking at different 5ks and are drawn to the ones where chocolate is involved. We both agree running in the cold is preferable to the heat of the summer. It's not official because we haven't signed up, but we are going to run one. Together. Next year. Where we will receive chocolate at the finish line. Or along the way. It depends on the 5k we choose.

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