Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Art of Shoveling

So many things…

When I shovel snow, I think of so many things.

I've shoveled snow at least once a day, every day this week. (Actually, I think I only shoveled once one day, the other days I've shoveled at least twice.)

Um, I can't complain because I love snow.

I love snow.

I love snow.

I am getting tired of shoveling.

Yes. We own a fancy machine that I can fire up and use to get rid of the white, fluffy stuff. But I do like shoveling.

At this rate, I'm not going to need to work out next summer.

I'll call that my off-season.

Which means this is my on-season and I have to put my game face on. Followed by three pairs of socks, long-underwear, yoga pants, workout pants (I don't have snow pants, those actually work pretty well), a shirt, a fleece, my heavy winter coat, thick Isotoner gloves, a scarf that is several feet long, my bright orange Husky hat with the snowball on top, and my fuzzy boots.

You may not be able to see it, but under all those layers, I'm wearing the game face.

It's a huge smile plastered on my face because I love snow.

I don't enjoy the snot that runs down my face. I don't enjoy the cracked skin from the cold air when I have to take off my gloves to wipe the snotty nose.

But I enjoy the repetition of shoveling. I like the nuances of shoveling. For instance, don't shovel it all into the edge of your lawn. If there's more snow to come (and there is) you will quickly be shoveling onto a large hill of snow and that is difficult.

You also shovel into your own yard. Your neighbor's yard is reserved for when the banks of snow in your own yard are too high (because the snow won't stop).

The cracks in our driveway run perpendicular to the drive, so it's easier to shovel with the cracks than against them.

Shovels with a metal edge are the best tool.

I also realized we spent a lot of time prepping and painting the porch. Enough time that I will not shovel it this year. Instead, I had planned on using the push broom. But that's in the garage. Which is frozen shut until spring.

The other day I figured out a solution that will also clean off the porch without removing paint.

A blow dryer.

I was out there for hours!

I'm just kidding.

Did you really believe me? I love snow and cold, but I'm not crazy!

I used the Swiffer. Not the mop, the dry pad one. I took off the cloth and the rubber base is perfect! I can push the snow right off the porch. As a result I don't have to Swiffer the kitchen for the rest of the winter because the Swiffer is packed with snow.

For all of you who are reading this and think I'm crazy, know this: shoveling snow for one hour burns 400 calories. When it's the dry, fluffy, lake effect snow, that is an easy workout. It's the heavy, wet snow that keeps me from running right out there. When it dumps six inches of snow or more, I'm out. That's when Bill gets to use the snowblower. And I get a break.

But when I do get to shovel, I also get to eat all of the Christmas cookies.

That is why I shovel.

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